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Rusty Sherrick lives about 15 minutes from my home in Lancaster County. I first met Rusy at Trop Gun Shop's open house. He had a table displaying many of his holsters. Prior to that first meeting, I had bought a pancake holster for a Colt LW Commander.

After talking to Rusty, I found out all his holsters are made out of horsehide. They're very soft yet will not collapse. The speed on the draw was unbelievable! With the slickness of horsehide, it was almost as quick as Kydex.

His holsters quickly became my choice for IWB carry. For OWB, I still use Lou Alessi's CQC/S. In the near future, I'm going to purchase the Tom Givens Model for OWB carry. For IDPA, I've used both Lou's and Rusty's holsters. Both work extremely well for competition shooting.

In addition, I found out that Tom Givens at Range Master has been wearing one of Rusty's holsters. Ken Knull is another big support of Rusty's products. The list goes on and on but you really don't care about that do ya? You just wonder what his holsters look like and cost! Read on...

Finally, why do I bother writing a review for this leather guru? There are plenty of good holster makers out on the market. I write this review simply because Rusy makes some outstanding holsters and belts ABD is one hell of a nice guy.

Rusty's web site is . Along with the other fine leather gurus around (Alessi, Kramer, Rosen, the Marks, Sparks, etc), don't forget Rusty and his horsehide holsters. His shop maybe small but his goods are outstanding. The holsters range anywhere from $75 up to several hundred dollars depending on how custom you want them. Typically, his holsters average around the $75-100 price range.


Mag holder is by Rosen. Both holsters are IWB but one is a straight drop and the other is canted. The gun is my Les Baer 1911 and knife is an Emerson CQC-7.


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