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I just got back from my practice and I'm officially addicted to skeet shooting!
I shot 4 rounds of skeet but I didn't keep score. I did pitifully the first 2 rounds but the older guys that organized the team showed up and I shot with them. I improved drastically from their advice and had a GREAT time.

I was suprised I did as well as I did (and so were the other guys) because not only was I using a 140 dollar pump action but I didn't have a skeet or improved cylinder choke. The pump does not hinder me enough for me to care and it makes doudles so much more fun!

For others wanting to get into skeet shooting (if you haven't already you really should try it) the best advice comes from the old guys on the skeet range because not only will they tell you what to do, they can show you. They can help adjust your aim and lead and stance and you simply can't do that over the internet. Also, one of the organizers I shot with is letting me borrow his Todd Bender skeet shooting video for more tips, I'll tell you guys how it is.
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