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Double Naught, I'm surprised that you would have to ask that question. Basically for the last hundred years the ONLY significant group in America to contribute large amounts of money toward game preservation and habitat restoration has been HUNTERS.

PETA, on the other hand, has been trying to derail our efforts to preserve balanced natural habitats and to prevent us and our children from even going into the woods. Additionally PETA makes false claims regarding hunting and trapping and defames us personally and collectively in addition to encouraging eco terrorism.

It is gun related because PETA is one of several related organizations including various 'humane' societies and gun control groups which either see ending hunting as a means to end ownership of firearms or vice versa. Even the Audobon society, named after an artist who used to travel around the country shooting and stuffing birds, has devolved to an anti-hunting society. (I suspect this is because people who join one of these organization tend to join others and spread their own ideological memes.)
In a few years when the dust finally clears and people start counting their change there is a pretty good chance that President Obama may become known as The Great Absquatulator. You heard it first here on TFL.
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