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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
Sometimes in life we just have to put up with inconveniences and a little discomfort to do what must be done (like going to the gym).

There's little chance you'll find a way to pack a gat that you won't notice, especially at first. Obviously, you don't want other people to notice, but face it - you are going to feel it. But after awhile it kinda goes away.

I get the "comfortable" issue. But try the solution closest to "comfortable" for a few months and don't spend a lot of pesos on methods/holsters/body locations every few weeks.

You'll be surprised how it'll become the new normal if you just stick to something that works. And by "works" I mean quickest access, concealability, and a pistola you are *intimately* familiar with in a caliber that will get the job done when the fat is in the fire.

I've become so accustomed to having a gun on my hip (IWB for me, your milage and geography may vary) that I notice when it's NOT there.

If you need it, you'll need it NOW without having to think, "Now, where did I put my gun today?"

Just my 2¢...

PS: I wear suspenders.

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Put up with what inconveniences, the fact that with a set of suspenders, or even a shoulder carry harness having to wear basically two shirts? Yeah, that’ll be real nice down here once the summertime hits and that Oklahoma humidity sets in…and to add even further into it, that even doesn’t really sit well considering the fact that I am a hot natured person as it is, and the fact that I grew up tmost of my life in southwestern Colorado so, even after 6 years here, I can’t take this heat down here, I still ain’t no where near adapted to this heat yet. I mean hell, if my boss would let me, I’d be wearing shorts and flip-flops every day but I can’t… LOL.

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