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wintertime back-burner project

Long days indoors while snowstorms rage outside are good for catch-up projects, this is one I had sidelined from a couple years ago, an Ar 10 build that used Wilson Combat's 18" 338 federal unthreaded hunter barrel. It shot very well and accurately when I did my part to hold it good and steady, but the recoil and muzzle flip are forces to contend with when dealing with follow-up shots. It also uses an odd-ball intermediate gas system which is challenging (for me) to tune for a "sweet spot."

So I turned to my long-time reliable source for great clamp-on brakes at Kahntrol Solutions, and of course the fit was perfect, though I was a bit concerned about clearing the end of the rail. Turns out it fits with a few thousandths to spare.

I only shot a few test shots in the cold yesterday and the brake does it job reliably, felt recoil is reduced and muzzle flip greatly reduced. However, everything has it's price, and the sideways directed blast force is, shall we say, quite significant, so care needs to be taken where you position the rifle.

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