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If I am going to sit for a bit while driving, I will loosen the belt a notch if needed then tighten it up when I get out of the truck. I have also been thinking about getting some sort of holster to mount in the truck while driving. Getting to my pistol while sitting with a seat belt on would definitely be an issue if it was needed in a hurry.
Good advice from AFK.

I make my own holsters according to use, and have intended to make up an SUV/Jeep/Pickup Truck holster that accomplishes the above goal. Years ago, like over 40 years to be exact, one of my uncles had a holster strapped to his car & truck's steering column...that's back when cars had a steering column. It worked for him, but both he and the column are long gone now.

Considering the problem, I've toyed with a design that would rivet or velcro to the underside of the dash...but as of now, at least in my Ranger pickup, I wedge my open top holster down between the halves of the bench type seat. Works well and avoids all that monkey motion trying to make a draw from my usual 4 o'clock carry position. The down side is, I have to wrestle with re-attaching it to my belt before leaving the truck....I've had some odd looks from folks who caught a peek at my contortions in our Wally World parking lot.

A dedicated, semi-permanent holster might work on our Grand Cherokee and my Wrangler if attached (velcro maybe) between the bucket seat and the center tunnel, just forward of the seat belt attach point. In use, I'd leave it there, and wear my usual OWB on my belt.

The downside, of course, for a commercial maker would be applicability across the many makes and models of cars & trucks.

YMMv Rod
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