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Frequent Flier Wilderness belt, 1.5", used it for years, still looks like new. Kydex holster.
Sometimes use suspenders, that hook on to the belt. Tee shirt undershirt, with a sweater when it's cold. Guyabara Florida shirt, when it's warm. About 3-30 position.
Played with the 43X ten shot magazine Glock for a while, but went back to my Glock19.
Nice comfort zone 16 rounds. Spare G17 mag on the offside.
511s love all those pockets. Worn them for 40 years. At one time those pants cried Cop, which I am not. Or a Firearms Instructor, which I am. Now they are worn in some form all over the world. In Europe they just say, Yank. Which I now am.
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