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I have this happen if I I don't clean 4 year old .410 break barrel that I use (I know it a little different) if I don't keep it clean and I close the barrel it will go off because the firing pin sticks. All I have to do is break it down and clean it then its good to go.

But like others have said, don't use it. You could have a lapse and get distracted (not saying you WILL but its a possibility) and chamber it and have it go off not pointed in a safe direction. Im not questioning your gun safety knowledge im just saying.

As a gunsmith I would recommend cleaning it fully. Break it down as far as you know how to and clean it. If it still happens then take it to a gunsmith.

On a side note to those who think a good cleaning wont work, ive "fixed" so many firearms that had issues and all they needed was a good cleaning.
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Save a Gunsmith the trouble and clean your firearms.

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