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Back "in the Old Days" the .36 caliber Black Poqdwe revolver was deemed adequate for Police work and Colt even buit a special Police revolver around the load! It was good enough for the likes of Wild Bill and other noteworthy characters.
Fast forward to 1899 and S&W built revolvers around the then new .38 Long/Special. Then, untill the 1970's when the modern high capacity semi-auto 9mms became the standard for Police and self defense work.
Howrver, the venerable standard .38 Specisl outpreforms the old BP C&B loads qith the old standard 158 gr bullet moving out of a 4" revolver at over 200 FP of energy with good penetration, No it didn't knock opponents down likw a .45 Long Colt but proved more than acceptable foe Law enforcers and civillians alike to stop Hostile actions!
Todey we have even more potent loads of +p and +P+, also light, fadt low presure ,38 spec loads for standard .38 revolvers,
Just as the .36 C&B Black Powder loads worked, the nodern .38 Special loads work even BETTER!!! It was considered state of the art in carry guns for self defense and Police work.
You can count on tidays modern ammo to guarantee powerfull anti-personell loads more than capable of stopping a gunfight.
Thw real question should be one of proper shot placememu and quick reliable shooting practices Even with a .44 mag, a poor hit or miss and undesireable and
uneffective in stopping gunfight!
With the basic 158 gr LRN is plenty food enough to stop an opponent with a good solid hit! Good shooting being Paramount!
The .38 Special is effective as a fighting cartrige/caliber even today!
I depend on it with complete confidence
The caliber and an array of easilly portable/ concealment revolvers on the market,
Ammo is BETTER than ever and with pratice and skill, you ARE well helled with it!
My well researched and practiced opnion...
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