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Glenn E. Meyer
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What about Shoes, Scott?

So Scott writes an article about getting new guns but he forgets the most important argument?

Why do you need so many SHOES?

Otherwise, it is a tactically sound argument set. I have bought drapes since I bought my new 1911.

I have also argued that various guns go with different modes of dress and my Kahr PM9 was good for dressup but still concealing a reasonable gun.

Granted this assumes the protection argument was accepted as reasonable.

My biggest surprise was, sadly, after 9/11, my wife asked why don't you have a scope for the AR? Oh, Joy!!

There is a risk of tactical ordering. My wife decided she likes Surefires and I had to buy her a couple. OH, well. She likes the Cabela's women's catalog but there is a plus as if she gets a discount coupon, she sometimes gives it to me.

Scott's next article should be:

How to get to take a class and shoot a match when you are supposed to fix the house!!
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