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I object to Medical professionals acting as shills for gun control

What I really object to is the medical profession acting as shills for gun control. A while ago 60 Minutes ran this piece: (Note: unfortunately you can’t watch it unless you subscribe to “CBS All Access”.)

In it were the following quotes:

An AR15 victim from the Parkland mass shooting was saved
“because Broward county EMS recently equipped itself for the battlefield wounds the AR15 inflicts.”
Of course, because the AR15 creates wounds totally different from other firearms (the implication is that’s why the AR15 should be banned).

One of the EMT’s said,
“We carry “active killer kits” in our rescues (ambulances).” Kits that contain 5 tourniquets, 5 decompression needles, 5 hemostatic agents, 5 emergency trauma dressings.
Of course there would be no “active killers” and no need for these kits if we had decent, “common sense” gun control.

Broward county medical director said
“We never used to [before recent mass shootings] carry tourniquets, we never used to carry chest seals,”
Then sir, I would suggest your EMTs were woefully under equipped to deal with a tornado, multiple car collisions on the freeway or any type of explosion.

After one of the school shootings a doctor’s 12 year old son was scared to go to school.
“After the shooting he looked at me with the fear of God that he had to go to school that day. My first instinct was that he needs a bleeding kit”
Tell me this isn’t pandering to the anti-gun crowd.
Also, if your kid is shot badly enough to need the bleeding kit is he going to apply it to himself? If he’s got it, do others know he has it? Are they going to know what to do with it? And before every single parent starts outfitting their kid with a bleeding kit (because aren’t all other parents just as concerned about their kids as you are?) maybe suggest the school have some folk trained and equipped for first aid.

And I would suggest you as parents were greatly responsible for instilling this fear. Consider the odds of a school shooting happening at HIS school. Before you get your get kid all frightened, think about what other dangers could befall your kid at school or on the way to and from.
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