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I had a posting on this board a month ago or so that dealt with this topic....well, sort of....

Remington has (or used to) a 'Multi-ball' load for both .38Spl and .357Mag. These loadings have two 000 Buck balls (.354" diameter) held inside of the case, the last ball held in place by the roll crimp. The two 000Buck balls have a weight of 70 grains each, for a total payload of 140 grains.

I have shot a cylinderful of each to check out performance. The .38 was fired out of a 3" snub Taurus 85. The two balls printed about 1" apart at 7 yards, and about 3-1/2" apart at 25 yards. For the .357 test I used my 8" Dan Wesson, where the two balls printed about 1-1/2 inch apart at 25 yards and about 3-1/2 inches at 50 yards. At 7 yards they were one ragged hole in the target.

I would not hazard to guess at the velocity of either loading, but on the packaging of the .357s, they are described as 'Light recoil for controllable second shot recovery.' They feel like a normal .38Spl loading. They are further described as 'Soft lead balls have less ricochet and building structure penetration for improved safety.' Sounds like the perfect home defense loading to me!

This is what I have loaded in my 'bedside' gun (the 3" snub) for home defense purposes. I also have my .40S&W loaded with a full clip of 145 grain Cor-Bon I I were to need more power!

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