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Depends on temp,years ago I shot a moose right at tree line ,it was snowing pretty hard. We cut it up putting it in game bags on a bed of willows to keep it off the ground, tented over with a willow frame and the hide to keep it dry.We packed the first load out, with the intention of bringing out a second load that day and finishing up the next day, but as luck would have it, lower down it was raining hard, the small stream we had crossed on the way in was raising, by the time we made it to the truck and back the little stream was a mass of white water that would have been chest deep,and probably 75 ft wide. t was three days before we could get back, but the ground was snow covered and the meat was nearly frozen ,we lost no meat at all. Then a few years ago I shot one with the bow in early Aug, the temp was in the 70's. but the moose was close enough to a trail we dragged it out whole with ATV's loaded it on a trailer and hauled it to where we could process it more easily, that moose was in a walk in cooler with in 4 hours and wrapped and frozen by the next day.
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