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A few guys from down state came to the U.P. of Michighan to deer hunt. One of them just got a new pick up truck, so he was in the truck messing with the c.d. and some of the other stuff that came with it. He was parked on a logging road. He looked down the road and saw a real nice 8-pointer just standing there. He got out his gun made a nice shot, and the deer jumped into the woods. He loaded back up and took a walk down were he shot. When he looked in the woods the deer was looking at him, so he shot it again, and dropped right there. When he got to the deer about 30 feet away was one more 8-pointer laying dead. Two 8-pointers got them both while messing around in the truck. He did have a combo lic so he was covered for the two deer. We were in a bar when he was telling the story. Someone kind of doubted him. So we went outside to his truck, and there they were. I guess it's better to have luck than no luck.
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