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Heard a buddy shoot, and went to help him with a deer. When I got there, the deer was already field dressed. He was messing with the side of his rifle stock, griping about it being scraped, stomping around and cursing. Not what you usually find immediately after a guy kills a deer … so, I had to ask..

He was in the tree stand, realized that he needed to take a leak, and managed to make it down to the base of the tree (He had a medical condition that only gave him about 30 seconds warning.)
Anyway, just as he started his business, the deer came out …. so he swung the 30-06 up, steadied it on the tree, and fired … one handed… while his other hand remained holding his "other gun".
That’s when I noticed that his shirt, pants, and boots were a little wet … His aim with the 30-06 was good, but when it went off, it affected his "other aim"… causing him to hit the tree at close range, and get caught in the "rico -spray".

He didn’t think "ricospray" was funny, btw.
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