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The strangest thing I have ever seen in my life of hunting is when I was hunting deer over in Pennsylvania and I see a senior citizen who looked on the good side of 80 walking around with a M1911 that looks older then her. She sees me and waved me over so I walked towards her thinking that she would ask me to point her to the nearest lodge but then I see a beautiful white tail about 200 meters away and before I could raise my Marin 336 she waved it away and without a word cocked her M1911 and took a two shots And to my surprise the deer drops easy as you please. In shock I walk over to the deer and saw ,to my surprise, two perfect shots in the heart no more then 4 inches apart. So after the woman walks over she asks if I would help her move the deer to her pickup so I help her out and never see her again

The even stranger thing is the whole thing was illegal. No semi-auto rifles or handguns allowed for deer hunting in PA.
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