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This is referring to the same Walther pistol mentioned in TBeck's post of June 5 and the reply from Ken Strayhorn:

My boss knows of my interest in shooting and asked me to buy it from him - It looked like one of the cheap pistols called Makrov being imported from Eastern Europe, with a holster and two magazines for about $150.00. I offered him $100.00, figured I would never lose any money.

The pistol is not marked Walther on the slide or receiver. The grips and the magazines (2) are marked Walther, but looked like they may have been added at a later date. The single grip screw is 1/4'' to 5/16" too long - I fear if I shot the pistol the end on the screw might cut my hand. The magazines also don't seem to fit quite right, i.e. as there is maybe 3/16" of a gap between the bottom of the receiver and the base of the magazines. The external appearance of the pistol is acceptable, but the inside of the of the slide looks as if might have been "machined" by someone with the shakes using a Dremel tool. There are numerous deep gouges. The Barrel, however, is pristine. The pistol may have never been fired other than "Proof".

After I read Ken Strayhorns reply, (Thanks, Ken)I went to GUNSAMERICA.Com and was stunned to note a low price on a PP 7.65MM was $375.

My real question is, what makes these pistols so valuable? Since I am potentially buying this pistol from my Boss, I would never want him to think he was cheated.

Thanks for any help anyone can give!
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