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The Ruger #1-B is available in .22 Hornet but that's a pretty heavy rifle for such a tiny cartridge. A better choice might be the Browning Low Wall which is available in the Hornet. I am considering a Low Wall and having it reamed to .22K Hornet.

The Ruger bolt actions that I've see are not very accurate and need to have the triggers replaced. Anschutz and Kimber rifles may be around on the used market and both are top grade. The Browning Micro can also be hand in .22 Hornet and it is a better rifle than the Ruger IMHO.

The .17 is not as quiet as the Hornet and adds the additional complication of requiring .17 caliber bullets and cleaning rods which are not always easy to find. The Remington Model 7 used to be available in .17 and it would make a good walking around varmint rifle.
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