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I was in a similar position earlier this spring. I decided on the Hornet and could not be happier.

I found a barely used Ruger 77/22 Hornet for a reasonable price and snatched it up. It is the stainless, heavy barrel with the laminate stock. I had my smith rework the trigger as the stock trigger kinda sucks. That's the only thing I've done to the rifle.

Using WW brass, WW sr primers, 12 grains of Hogden's Lil' Gun and a 40gr. Hornady VMax the rifle will consistantly .5" at 100 yds. I have not yet chronographed the load but I am expecting about 2900-3000 fps.

I have killed many groundhogs with this combination this year. Some as close as a few yards and some out to 200 yds.. I am confident that I can stretch this to 250 yds. if the wind behaves.

All shots have been instant kills. That VMax vaporizes hogs. I have taken a few crows also and the results
were dramatic! The performance from this little cartridge is amazing.

The report is very mild compared to my 223. Recoil is almost nonexistant. My target never leaves my scope.

The Hornet is a very versatile round. If you want it to behave like a 22lr you can easily load it for those specs. If you want to hot rod it a little it will do that too.

I have experienced excellant case life using Lee Collet Dies, and neck sizing only. Reloading for the round has been very easy and it's cheap!

Older 77/22 Hornets were said to give poor accuracy. Some said it was the barrel and some said it was the 2 piece bolt. Whatever it was I think they fixed it. Most of my loads have hovered around 1moa but my pet load is .5" and very consistant.

I HIGHLY recommend the Hornet.

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