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The 22 Hornet is a wonderful little cartridge.
Report and recoil are a lot less than the .223 yet distinctly more powerful than the 22 LR.
I consider it a nice intermediate between the two. If you have been shooting a lot of 22 LR, it will feel like a powerful cartridge in comparison.
If you hand load it, one can of powder will last a long time, which is nice if you have been loading large cartridges..
You need a moderately powered scope to take full advantage of this round. It can be very accurate if the rifle is. Mine shoots about .66" with my hand loads and a 2-7 power scope.
Mine is a Kimber, which is not made anymore. The ruger No. 1 in 22 Hornet, if they make one (?), sounds like a lot of fun.
I have never had a .17, don't really want one, so I cannot comment on those.
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