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The few bits and pieces I've seen of that show have turned me off because they consistently violate the first and most important rule of safe gun handling and that's verifying that the gun in in fact unloaded! Twice in the same day I found cartridge guns that were loaded at our local flea market and one was an alleged "broken" 7.92x57 Mauser with the only thing that prevented people from getting hurt/killed was the black paint holding the firing pin from dropping on the live round as two schmucks were waving it around like idiots. The other was a lever action .30-30 and when I confronted the dealer about it, he claimed it was not his responsiblity to check because he bought it at an estate auction. There is no excuse for violating safety rules!

Another thing about Pawn Stars, if these guys were allegedly "in the business" for so many years, why do they know so little and have to constantly "call in an expert"? Some time ago a fellow came in with a suit of armour the pawn guy claimed was a reproduction and worthless ... It was clearly obvious that while it was in fact a reproduction, it was a good quality handmade repro an far from worthless, limited market yes, but not worthless.

Don't believe what you hear coming from the alleged "experts" at the Antiques Road Show either. I went to the one in Orlando a while back where the self-annointed gun "expert" proclaimed that an original un-fired Remington rolling block in .45-70 was a "cheap reproduction valued at $200-$300". I don't know where they got that clown but even a reproduction of that quality level and in that condition would easily fetch way more than his estimate. Yes, I did try to buy that Remmy myself.
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