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Goodies from darkest Africa.

A member of my forum from South Africa sent me some goodies he made . A powder funnel made from Jacaranda and a cap box made from African mahogany. He also sent eight round balls for my Pedersoli shotgun. The funnel and cap box are beautiful. The round balls are ...well....big, round, hard and heavy.

That's one of my .54's in the middle. He sent 8, I shot 4 already. Was just too hot to do much.

100 grains of powder and these big ol heavy balls in the light Pedersoli (and it is very light) has a pretty nice thump to it but I wouldn't call it vicious by any means. The balls are .69 caliber and weigh .484 grains. I fired it at 40 yards give or take and I was a little apprehensive on the first shot and I admit it, I flinched. Shot was low and way left. The right barrel was better but still low. I loaded it up again and raised my POA and did better but still not satisfactory.

The first shot is low left and the second is the far left one in the group of three. The other two are from the .54 Sharps on a previous outing. The last two made it on paper but I was holding over the plate and couldn't see it. The springs in my Pedersoli are too light for those loads and the hammers blow back to half cock. One day when its cooler I'll shoot the other 4 with 80 grains and decide if I want to persue shooting round balls out of it or stick with shot.

Oh they are destructive to whatever they hit. The target was taped to the back of an old dishwasher. This is the one that hit low left where it came out thru the door.

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