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I dont see how "Constructive" airsoft could be bad. I used to play paintball a long time ago. I started when I was 11 and played regularly rec and tourny ball before I joint and after I joined the military when I turned 17. I am 23 now and havnt touched a paintball gun since well before I went to Iraq. However, I did it before the walmart influx of players and I never once played backyard ball. Some of the tactics I used. I did plenty of wooded training in the army but hardly any MOUT stuff. Instead the concepts were similar in rl in the desert. I was lucky enough to be over there with a few other people that actually played with me regularly. It was very interesting to say the least to see people with no MOUT experience at all.

So in whole as long as it is done right I dotn see why people should knock airsoft. However, if it is like backyard paintball and the kids are just running around in the woods trying to shoot like rambo and capping each other in the @$$ then it is useless.

I dont think the real thing ever resembles sitting and waiting for an aimed shot. Once you start shooting at each other a lot of that aiming is over. Most people dont understand how chaotic a fire fight gets. Stuff is flying everywhere, you cant hear or see anything, stuff exploding, and anything else you can imagine happening.
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