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Agreed, I have used (duty) weapons modified to shoot paintballs for FOF training and I thought it was great training. There must, however, be someone with knowlege to impart, someone to guide the exercise, or it just becomes a juvenile game with silly toys.
Agreed as well...

I've played quite a bit of airsoft. It starts out very realistic, creeping, stalking, closing with the enemy. Moving in groups, making patrols, doing recon on the other teams positions. Trying to distinguish friend from foe in the woods, taking aim and awaiting a clear shot.

Than the first shot lets rip and it degenerates into a 3rd grade blast-o-rama and the game never returns to a hint of reality. The aimed first shot quickly gives way to correcting the visual stream of white BB's in flight. Magazine capacities run to the 500's. Guys are letting rip 2,000 BB's a game while I burn maybe 50-60. Sometimes geeks are cheating and not calling "hit."

I always had one kiddo out there threatening that if he saw someone not calling out when hit, he would load up his metal 6mm BB's and fire those. I always said, not me unless he wants to be countered with some 9mm JHP's. Ofcourse I wouldn't have done that. Luckily he never decided it was worth the legal consequences to launch 6mm metal bullets at 400-500 FPS at humans.

After several months I quit playing airsoft. Its not likely I will return.
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