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it's freacking identical to a gun and if we were in the street and that thing was pointed at me you would have been shot, my old house had tons of neighborhood kids running aroud with these things and despite many a talk with their parents they seemed to thnik it was fine for 15 year olds to be running around with gun look alikes in tactical holsters.
What scares me is a bunch of guys getting dress up , carrying airsoft weapon that look like the real thing, playing games on property they do not own. If a cop or person with a CCW unknowingly walks in on your game, someone could be shot for real. Just be careful.
I have not yet seen an airsoft gun that is identical to a real gun.
Mine is clear plastic by the way.

I am driving down a road and I see some people with guns in the woods.
I would continue driving down the road and I would call the cops.
I am a cop.
I would call for backup, turn on my lights, stop at a reasonable distance away from them, draw my gun, get out, take cover, demand that they drop their guns, and wait for backup.
I am walking down a sidewalk an I see some people with guns in the woods.
I would take cover.
I am a reasonable distance away from them.
I would run away.
I shoot a handgun at some people that are armed with M16s, AK47s, MP5s, and UZIs...
I am stupid.
They are teenage geeks who think that they are specops troops...
"HEDP: High Explosive Donkey Punch"
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