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Tactics and Training with airsoft guns

I used to play airsoft with my younger brother and his friends.
We played at the top of a hill in town untill the cops showed up and told us we couldnt play there anymore.
I got a new airsoft gun yesterday.
It is co2 powered and it is semi auto unlike my old repeater.

OK to the point...
Accuracy, magazine capacity, and reloading is more realistic than paintball.
Simunitions are not readily available.
You can practice different scenarios that involve shooting at living moving targets that shoot back at you thus encouraging the use of cover.
You may even feel fear of being hit because hits from good airsoft guns hurt like hell.
I suggest that you spend up to $100 on airsoft if you are serious about tactics and training. You can get a good repeater for $30 but it would be less realistic. My new one was $60 but it was on sale for $40. I also suggest that you get a paintball mask instead of safety glasses.

Agree? Disagree?
Anyone have experience with airsoft?
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