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Fire Forming Cases


I have a question for the seasoned reloading veterans. I am fairly new to the precision reload gig, but I am trying to fast pace it to getting bug holes.

The Dutchman 19, I am the only person reading this that sees an oxymoron, as in “seasoned reloading veterans” and fire former, a fire former chambers a round, then pulls the trigger, I claim they eject a once fired case, they claim they obtained ‘FIRE FORMING STATUS’.

“I am trying to fast pace it to getting bug holes” I have attained the bug hole status, I purchased a new rifle, I purchased new ammo, I did made adjustments and I made replacements to things like scope mounts, rings and scope.. With factory, new ammo the rifle shot one hole groups, another bug hole rifle and I moved up to the status, $150.00, surplus Remington 03 before A3, same ammo that was purchases when the owner of the rifle purchased the rifle from Sears in the early 60s. He was the nervous sort. Dealers at the gun show were scared, seems the stamp on the barrel read ‘Santa Fe, they had no objection to me making the purchase, problem, I had to go to the bank. I choose the drive through, once I lined up on the teller window, he jumped from the pick up and left me. Everything worked out, seems he had issues with pulling up to a drive window at a bank with 3 rifles and two shotguns, he pulled himself together once I explained we were in the ATM lane.

I am putting two rifles together, bench type, same thing, one hole groups, I haven’t formed the cases yet, I have not decided on purchasing a forming die or if I will modify one I have already paid for, I already know the necks in the chambers are are too large in diameter according to the ‘seasoned (Internet) reloading veterans’, but even the large necks in the chamber can not drive me to the curb. If I have not already said it, the rifle has more to do with accuracy than the ammo, then there is practice, practice and more practice.

then there was ‘the UGLY RIFLE, something like a YouTbue being maid, you know the ones like ‘Americas Funniest Videos’ with giggling in the back ground when everyone knows something is going to go wrong except the victim. reloading forums got wind of the auction, everyone was trying to make themselves look good at the builders expense, except me, I could not believe someone could build something that ugly without knowing what they were doing, I did ask the forums to back off/hold it down until the auction was over, I thought the attention would drive the price up, other forum members were too proud to either bid and or admit they did bid, I paid $120.00 for the rifle, sure enough, I could not improve the accuracy, so I applied the ‘Leaver policy’ I lefter the way I founder. The ugly was about the accuracy, what could not be understood could be seen. I purchased the rifle for the sum of the parts if the rifle was not accurate. I have more money in the scope, mount and rings than I have in the rifle.

I delivered a 7mm57/Belgium receiver with a new box of Remington ammo, no forming, no fire forming, just point and shoot. The new proud owners sighted the rifle in with 5 two shot groups, each of the 5 groups had both holes touching.

F. Guffey

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