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Ok, I think I posted this in the correct forum

Just bought a new Mossberg 500a 18.5" for home defense, etc.... This is also our first shotgun. Although I have shot a shotgun before my wife has not. Have a question about the action.

Although I can cycle the action my wife has a little trouble with it. What I notice is that it takes more effort than I remember on a friend's 500. Is this normal for a new pump gun and will it require less effort when it breaks-in?

Since it will be used for home defense my wife needs to be able to use it too. She can cycle it but I worry that in a time of need if it hangs on her, this would not be a good thing.

If it will not get easier over time is it possible to have someone work on it to make it cycle easier?

Thanks in advance for your input/suggestions.


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