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In that article somewhere near the bottom it has a link to his website. It looks like he’s selling rifled shotguns for a very pretty penny! I see one with a 1-24 twist. His ammo does look very nice. Plastic shells with a pointed billed sticking out the front.

Says he’s using 50gr of “high octane” powder. This is what I’m looking for with my 410 project... lots of powder but slower burn rate.

I went over to Ed Hubels thread on the shotguns from hell and asked him for leads about the 410. At this point, my plan is to use a factory American Tactical Omni Hybrid and have a rifled barrel made for it. I’ve got the rifle mostly torn down, just waiting on a 1 1/8 crows foot to get the barrel but off. Then I’ll talk to some smiths and see if they would turn a Pac Nor barrel for me.
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