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"...I want to..." That's all the reason you need.
"...1,800 fps or better..." I believe that'll be optimistic, but Federal 1/4 ounce(~ 218 grains) slug loads run 1780 FPS.
Biggest issue, I suspect, will be finding a barrel that isn't stupidly expensive. You'd need a .41 Mag barrel. The Mag and .410 using the same diameters.
Try an E-Mail to Mag Tech. They make the brass shells.
Missouri Bullets makes a 225 grain cast bullet. And Graf's lists a few 215's. Closer to 1/4 ounce. Don't think it'd make much difference though. I'd just load for a 1/4 ounce slug. You'll probably need a spacer like oat meal or the like in the case too. Do a net search for BP cartridge loading.
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