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I prefer not to worry about unfounded rumors. There are enough real problems,I don't have the energy for imaginary ones.

However,...I can't let "Blame it on the Trump slump" go unchallenged.

Based upon what?

Mods,I'm sure you will get unhappy with me if I give this the response it deserves.

IMO,its a low,sneaky way to put out some campaign propaganda. Its subtle enough to let it ride,but challenging it will be political uproar.Then I'm the bad guy.

Trump just held a rally in Colorado Springs where he clearly stated his support for the 2 A,

The numbers indicate the economy has employment and disposable income up across the counry, so I want to know what the basis for "The Trump Slump" comment was,other than an unfounded political cheap shot.

I don't consider an absence of the fear and panic buying ,hoarding and shortages of the previous admin to be a slump.

Nothing in the "Freedom Group",including Remington,is doing real well.

Some folks can cross thread an anvil. Corporate mismanagement happens.

Why blame it on Trump?

There are folks who drive a Subaru from San Fran to Austin and petition to shut down the BBQ joints for the smoke.
Texans ,be Vigilant.

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