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Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
who actually ccws a revolver as their primary EDC, winter, summer, be darned?
< raises hand & waves>

not I got one as a truck gun, or I have one in the glove box, or I drop one in the pocket for quick runs to the stop and rob, or I tuck one when I walk the dog or cut the grass.....

what's the gun, what's the holster, why did you pick it?
S&W 642, or Taurus 605. One or the other, depending on whim.

Desantis Nemesis, Mika pocket holster, or Galco Triton IWB slightly modified.

Why did I pick? The Taurus was a whim, 10-12 years ago, that worked out. The S&W was part of the ongoing evolution of my carry, what I replaced a different snub with that had turned out to be prone to breaking transfer bars.

IMhO holsters are MUCH more frustrating to buy than firearms.

Oh, absolutely.
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