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I do. Have for years. Carried a Taurus 85 for about 20 years, then a Smith 642 for about 4 years. Currently carry a Smith 640. Still have all of them; never went anywhere.

I've always carried IWB at about 1 o' clock. Most of the time with a cheap generic nylon holster, but more recently with something made of good leather and a little nicer. I'd rather keep my pockets free for other things.

Why? I cast my lot with .38/.357 a long time ago. I like the platform. I will admit that sometimes the issue of capacity crosses my mind, but I haven't changed anything yet. I own a couple of semis and could carry them, but the small revolver is like an old and trusted friend. I may look into some of the newer and smaller 6-shot revolvers that are now available for carry (K6, new Cobra) at some point.
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