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Sometimes in life we just have to put up with inconveniences and a little discomfort to do what must be done (like going to the gym).

There's little chance you'll find a way to pack a gat that you won't notice, especially at first. Obviously, you don't want other people to notice, but face it - you are going to feel it. But after awhile it kinda goes away.

I get the "comfortable" issue. But try the solution closest to "comfortable" for a few months and don't spend a lot of pesos on methods/holsters/body locations every few weeks.

You'll be surprised how it'll become the new normal if you just stick to something that works. And by "works" I mean quickest access, concealability, and a pistola you are *intimately* familiar with in a caliber that will get the job done when the fat is in the fire.

I've become so accustomed to having a gun on my hip (IWB for me, your milage and geography may vary) that I notice when it's NOT there.

If you need it, you'll need it NOW without having to think, "Now, where did I put my gun today?"

Just my 2¢...

PS: I wear suspenders.

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