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The skinny guy chiming in here also. I'm currently in "trial and error" mode. I'm somewhat new to CC. I'm currently accessing carrying my Beretta Nano IWB appendix. I have a N82 Tactical Pro IWB padded holster and while it is very comfortable overall, the downside is it feels very bulky.

I also have a simple and inexpensive kydex IWB and it's "ok" as far as comfort but do get that uncomfortable "edgy" irritation feeling with certain body movements. IWB appendix offers me excellent concealability , but with my very thin build i'm realizing this is a very challenging task. Now I know why there is a bazillion used holsters for sale on all the forums. You buy them basically blind, you realize they are uncomfortable and sell them off. I'm now looking to OWB as an alternate. I'm thinking a Winthrop leather pancake style :

I've thought about 3:00 IWB carry but again with my very thin build I about guarantee I will probably feel much discomfort.
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