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Originally Posted by Ruark View Post
I've seen pics of the Romeo 5, and one concern I have, just from looking at the pics, is how securely it's mounted (the riser). It appears to just have one little screw holding it onto the rail. One of the issues with the TRS25 mount, which is very similar, is that it's all made from aluminum and the threads can easily be stripped out from overtightening. With the TRS25, there's a VERY narrow window between being too loose and too tight. I have my TRS25 securely mounted using blue Loctite, which pretty much saves the day. I was just wondering about the Romeo 5 in this regard.

One BIG positive the Romeo has is the little 2 MOA dot; most red dots in this price range have 4s or 5s. The TRS25 has a 3 MOA.
I have not had any of the three SIG Romeo 5 red dots loosen up on my Picatinny rails during live fire. I have used them on Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifles, Three different semi-auto ARs chambered in 5.56 NATO, and on an AKM chambered in 7.62x39.

I have used one for a couple of carbine courses during which several hundred rounds of 5.56 were shot per day without it loosening up. That is not to say it couldn't happen.

I also have a Bushnell TRS25. It advertises itself as a 3 MOA dot reticle but I would call it a 3+ MOA dot at best. At higher illumination required during bright daylight, it blooms up closer to 4 MOA. The SIG Romeo 5 is much better in that regard IMO.
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