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Originally Posted by moose fat View Post
Or, an Andrews Leather "Carjacker". Its like a small of the back holster that is worn in front, specifically for driving. I have one I use snow machining. It fits inside my front pocket inside my atkuq, Eskimo parka. Very handy, a very nice holster, well made and comfortable holster. I can wear it under a hoodie and it just looks like I have something in the front pocket. Its for my Glock 36.

I like that. I also like how easy it comes on and off the belt, two. Only bad thing is, I would have problems concealing that unless it was a cold day, and it could be kept covered with a hoodie jacket or something like you do but on a hot day, or even a not so cold winter day, I wonder if my extra long tailed t-shirts would cover that.... I guess it would depend on how much it prints, a little printing is fine as long as it’s covered.

I wonder if that holster can be made custom fit for a picatinny rail laser....

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