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Then that's even more confusing. If there was no initial order, what was the Sheriff (an opponent of the RFL) refusing to serve on the respondent PO if it weren't the initial, temporary order? I just read some local stories, and I still don't get it.
Once the RF order is issued, doesn't it immediately go to a judge..and if the judge approves, then the LEO is involved? I'm sure the LEO KNOWS about the RF process being started but doesn't take any action until a judge sees it(?)
The “Deputy Zackari Parrish III Violence Prevention Act,” one of the various “red flag” laws emerging across the country, will allow a concerned family member, spouse, roommate, or law enforcement agency to file a petition to get a court order requiring a specific person to relinquish their firearms, or to prohibit that person from possessing firearms, if the petitioner can demonstrate that the person in question is a current danger to themselves or others.

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