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Originally Posted by FITASC
Except the lawmakers deleted that possibility, so not only are you guilty until proven innocent; when you are absolved, you have no recourse against the malicious false testimony.
I don't think that's correct. The application must be made as an affidavit, signed under oath and penalty of perjury.

Page 3, Section 13-14.5-103, line 6:

The mother has been asked by the press why she perjured herself in her application for the order. She has declined to answer, other than saying that she doesn't think she perjured herself. When asked why not, she declines to answer because she wants to preserve her strategy for an appeal of her denial.

My guess is that she's as psychotic as her son was. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that her argument is that she brought her son into this world and Corporal Morris took him out of this world, so they have a common interest in her son's life. (Which, of course, is not what the law means, but it's my guess that this is her twisted logic.)
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