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Originally Posted by DaleA
The question one asks though is do you want to bring a lawsuit against a grieving mother who lost a son?
Yes. She tried to use the legal system for revenge against a police officer who was doing his job. Abuse of the legal system should never be tolerated.

The mother is entitled to grieve, but she's not entitled to create her own fantasy about the incident. I watched a 9-minute video showing the incident from the perspective of two police officers' body cams. The university cop, Morris, backed away from the kid about 100 feet and he must have told him to drop the knife at least 20 or thirty times. It was faint, but you could hear the kid saying something like "My life is over." When Morris started to go for his taser, the kid charged him and both cops fired.

And the mother's claim is that Officer Morris used excessive force. That's idiocy. The kid was a real life example of the Tueller Drill in action. It was suicide by cop, and that's all it was. The mother should not be allowed to continue her efforts to destroy the life and career of a police officer who tried very diligently NOT to kill her son.
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