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Red Flag Law Case thrown out (Colorado)-abuse of the law?

An older woman whose son was shot and killed by a police officer brought a "Red Flag" case against the police officer.

Previously the police officer had been cleared of any wrong doing concerning the shooting.

The woman claimed she and the police officer had a "child in common" perhaps reasoning that she had a child (the man that was killed) and the police officer shot him. Please note the woman was the one who called the police about her son...her call brought the police into the situation.

The "child in common" reasoning was rejected by the judge.

It would appear that there would be a VERY strong case to bring against the woman for filing the suit since according to the judge she clearly had no bases to bring the suit and the claim "child in common" could be considered perjury.

The question one asks though is do you want to bring a lawsuit against a grieving mother who lost a son?

Article about the story is here:
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