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Originally Posted by JohnKSa View Post
It would and it does. Lethal injection is, perhaps, the most extreme forced medical procedure that has been declared Constitutional, but there are other extremely invasive procedures can be forced upon people who have been convicted of sufficiently serious offenses.

We're not talking (at least I wasn't) about microchipping everyone, only people who have already forfeit their rights to purchase firearms by being convicted of a sufficiently serious crime.The key is the level of the crime which someone has committed and has been convicted for. I'm absolutely not suggesting that it would be reasonable to microchip everyone any more than I would suggest it would be reasonable to imprison everyone for 15 years or to give everyone a lethal injection.
You are missing how the law is applied. Lethal injection is applied to an inmate under sentence. A person who has completed their sentence can not be subjected to a mandatory medical implant.
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