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If I may ask,Then what? You are kind of stuck with the tapered pins locating the front sight.

You are stuck with the pin in the barrel extension clocking with the slot in the upper. Before that gets monkeed with,remember your bolt lugs need to index into the barrel extension.
That is the question I have . I originally asked that very thing . If there is "no" wiggle room with the front sight and how the pins index the front sight . I do believe I am a bit at a stale mate . All my AR's are purpose built and this one was/is to be a SHTF build that is light weight with no optics that can fail and a front sight that is "LOCKED" in place . This was to be a no frills just works when it needs to rifle .

I guess I wont pull it apart just yet . My next step is to go test it at 50 , 1 , 2 & 300yds and see if It's going to shoot more and more right the further out I shoot . 300 is about as far as I can shoot accurately with irons so If I can still hit the target at that distance "maybe" It'll be good enough .

Any other suggestions are welcome
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