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It depends on the cartridge. Some are more prone to setback than others and obviously higher pressure cartridges will in turn gain more dramatic pressure spikes than lower pressure cartridges.

Generally speaking, it takes some MAJOR setback to exceed the margins for safety and typically setback of that magnitude will cause feeding issues far before they reach that point.
So if the cartridge has visible setback and will no longer chamber reliably, that's your cue to remove it from circulation.

The dramatic effects of setback causing catastrophic case blowouts are highly exaggerated and built on outdated circumstantial evidence such as Gen 1 .40cal Glocks KABOOMS, ignoring the fact that Gen 1 .40cal Glocks had a completely unsupported chamber, thus making cases more prone to bulging or blowing out.
No firearm with a fully supported chamber would ever have such issues firing factory loaded or otherwise responsibly handloaded SAAMI Spec ammunition, but sensationalism prevails so it became a runaway cautionary tale in which the ultra-high-pressure .40 S&W cartridge (which in reality has equal pressure to a Standard Pressure 9mm Luger) when chambered once or twice converts a pistol into a hand grenade.

That being said, a simple way to prevent setback is to avoid unnecessarily clearing your firearm on a daily basis.
.40 S&W is the perfect example of a Zombie Cartridge. Allegedly it has been dead since 2016, yet it continues to walk among us.
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