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Try a test run

Take your pistol and remove the slide. Leave barrel in receiver in the position the round would feed. Insert a magazine with round into the receiver. See how much of your round will hit anything. Next take your rounds to your kinetic bullet puller. How much effort is needed to pull the bullet. Next ask yourself what did you find about "set back." Personally, I'd look for ammo problems before attacking the handgun. Next I'd look for a messed up magazine. Take a decent handload or factory round to see how hard it is to pull. I'm skeptical. Never been able to get set back.

Added: For that matter, take your handgun, unloaded, and slowly let the slide forward. See the relationship between slide, barrel and feed ramp. I did this with a Glock, HK and a 1911. See what that bullet nose hits. Also, push hard on the bullet down on a hard surface. See what happens.
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