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Depends on bullet, crimp, feedramp and other factors.

I tend to also rotate the chambered bullet and if it's been chambered a few times or I have concerns I just grab the calipers and check the overall length.

To date I've only had setback once, with Remington GS and my 9mm 1911, specifically the 10 round mags for my CCO. Since the top round seems to ram into the front of the mag when manually trying to remove (without a tool, good luck!) them by hand I'm not surprised.

I've got a few well used and many times chambered 230 grain HST in a box I've checked a few times but no movement from the Glocks or 1911s (damaged rims seems more prevalent in well used HST). I think it's a combination of good crimping and a full case for HST.
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