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There are far too many factors to allow giving a definitive answer.
I can give one definitive answer, and that is that bullet setback is not a "must/will always happen thing.

Seems to be a more common thing today, though I don't know if that is because of certain pistols being more common, the internet making us more aware, or if ammo makers are not making ammo exactly the way they used to. I suspect a bit of all of them.

However, I have seen factory .45ACP ammo bought in 1980, chambered so many times over 20+ years that the nickel cases had brass stripes worn on them. Literally hundreds if not thousands of chamberings, all from the magazine. The bullets (measured often) never moved at all. The ammo was fired in 2000 and functioned flawlessly, exactly has it had when brand new.

SO, despite the fact that it does happen sometimes, its clear to me that it doesn't HAVE to happen, so someone simply isn't making the round to stand up the way they could be.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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