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short 30-06

I've got a YZ, Mark X , full length stocked Mannlicher style '06 carbine that is extremely accurate with heavy bullets 180-200-220. Barrel length is 20" and the rifle is indeed loud and a hard kicker if loaded all up with the heavy slugs. Maximum heavy bullet loads do not come near to the specified velocities in the manuals either, but still kick like a mule. The rifle is a looker, and I enjoy hunting with it, and simply run it at .300 Savage velocities w/ 180 grain slugs, around 2400 fps plus, and it kills with authority and is easy to shoot.

Ideally, to realize the full advantage the '06 has over the .308, (the bigger case holding more powder) I'm inclined to suggest that I'd not want to take an '06 below 22" and might even go with a 24" if I wanted an '06 to reach it's full potential.
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