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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
"...velocity loss..." That was tested in one of the gun rags years ago. The guy tested the velocity after cutting off and crowning 1" at a time. He got about 100 FPS per inch velocity loss. And the assorted Internet forums have been arguing about it ever since.(It was long before there was an internet though). Usually quoting assorted ballistics programs as being gospel.
" short as 18"..." Will give you a lovely, great, big, muzzle flash with the corresponding muzzle blast.
"...Sierra 165 Gamechanger..." A 165 is a 165. Out of a 24" barrel at 2800 FPS MV it'll have insufficient energy(~963 ft-lbs) and be 53.2" low at 500 with a 200 yard sight in.
"...ethics of 600..." Isn't the ethics. It's the ballistics. Most typical deer bullets will drop like a brick past 300 yards. Then you add the wind and loss of energy.
"...sporting makers have used 22" barrels on their 06 rifles..." Because of the demand for lighter weight hunting rifles.
A 165 is not a 165. B.C. matters and matters a lot.
I used to shoot a 308 Win at 1000 before switching to the 6.5x284 and now 6x284. I understand the drop and drift.
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