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Originally Posted by Bart Roberts
Believe it or not, but there's millions of democrats who own guns, hunt, target shoot, and support the Second Amendment. You can't survive without them.
You can’t survive with them if they continue to vote for candidates who want to destroy the Second Amendment despite all their hypothetical support.
One's choices in terms of potential office holders will generally be binary. Someone who hunts and says he supports the 2d Am. while voting for candidates of a party that is the home of gun prohibitionists has made a choice that doesn't help 2d Am. rights.

Yes, the NRA has problems. Not problems as dire as those of the SPLC or the ACLU, but problems none the less. Abstaining from rights advocacy because you are disappointed in the primary electoral advocate for the right is puerile and ineffective. It may make some feel better, but politics aren't about one's feelings.

Originally Posted by TBM900
Read this response from GOA/VCDL to AG Herring's opinion on Second Amendment Sanctuaries
Then compare it to a typical NRA response
Let's not confuse electoral efficacy with who most closely matches our own views. Hardly anyone knows who Larry Pratt is and even fewer care. That isn't to demean him or you, but to note that he is a little fish. little fish aren't scary.

They prey on the fear and ignorance of gun owners in order to rake in big $$$$ while producing next to nothing in return.
NRA people responded after Sandy Hook when some of the Admins here were arguing the merits of public silence on the issue. NRA people responded to the post Parkland media offensive when people were shy about criticizing a public message spoken by "children". Following Las Vegas, the only federal action was a dubious bumpstock restriction.

The NRA has had a hand at the federal level in no legislation being produced, which is exactly the amount of legislation with which you might trust congress.

It's great that you support the GOA. Advocacy support doesn't need to be a single choice and different organizations can play different roles. Hostility toward the biggest advocate because you think a minor one does a better job isn't a choice compelled by logic.
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